Moving Benfica

For the second time running Benfica Football Club have been in contact with ourselves to move all their luggage, training gear and kit here in the UK.

Benfica were travelling to the UK to take part in several training exercises and games, travelling to a private airport in the midlands, we collected their items from their private plane and delivered it to St George’s park and back again. With small trips in between delivering items to their accommodation. It was certainly not our typical job, however something which we found interesting, especially for Dan our team leader and HGV driver who is a huge football fan.

The first task was meeting the plane just after midday, we helped the Benfica team load all their items onto our HGV. Then travelled to St George’s park to offload their training gear. We waited around for the team to complete training. Shortly after loading the items back onto our HGV and delivering it all to their accommodation. Therefore, it turned out to be a long day for our Dan, getting back into the yard sometime after 10:30pm. Thankfully, the return trip back to the airport turned out to be a shorter day.

Even though there was an obvious language barrier the Benfica team were kind enough to donate a couple to branded caps. We absolutely loved working with the squad and look forward to working with them and potentially other teams in the future.